Special thanks to Santa Cyopik, John Paroschy, Mary Ann Laing,
John & Brenda Neilson, Vera Ohler and Lois Albanese
for lending me their yearbooks, and their support.

Reunion Pictures

I would like to thank the Paroschy family and Paul Pastuszczak for providing us with TFHS reunion pictures. From what I have gathered, the reunion took place around the year 2000. I’m not sure who most of the people in the pictures are. If anybody has any clues, please post a comment stating picture number and names, as Noreen did.

I can tell from the ‘click-throughs’ on this site that these pictures have been a very popular addition. If anybody has any more, and you would like to share them, please forward them to me and I’ll post them. Further, if anybody has a current picture of themselves that they would like to post, please do the same and I’ll post it under the TFHS Alumni section. So far, I’m the only person with a picture there.

As expected, this Web site is not a high traffic site, however, it does gets ‘hits’ almost every day every continent around the world. In fact, it’s been interesting to see where TFHS alumni have been accessing this site from.

I decorated TFHS for Christmas. I’m not sure if that’s what a 56 year-old man is supposed to be doing in his spare time but I was bored, and hey…it is Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I would like to wish everybody and their families a Happy Holiday season. 2010 was a good year and this completely unexpected TFHS project turned out to be exceptionally gratifying for me, not to mention fun. Continued success to all in 2011.


Joe Albanese

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