Special thanks to Santa Cyopik, John Paroschy, Mary Ann Laing,
John & Brenda Neilson, Vera Ohler and Lois Albanese
for lending me their yearbooks, and their support.

My first TFHS YearBooks post

Just a few things I found interesting as I progressed through the yearbooks. In particular, I noticed how much technology has changed over the last 50 years. Page 56 in Nova 60 mentions the ‘space race’ that was raging between Russia and The United States. Page 69 in Nova 60 depicts the Bloopnik II satellite orbiting the Earth using a time exposure; quite primitive compared to some of the pictures that we often see taken by the Hubble Space Telescope today. By the way, was Bloopnik really a good name for an experimental satellite?

The first reference to The Beatles came on page 72 in Nova 65.

The last known picture of me, together with my hair, can be seen on page 53 in Nova 70.

I hope that you enjoy this little trip back in time as much as I have.


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