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Ottawa TFHS Alumni Group

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Hey everybody. While we were all enjoying our TFHS get-togethers here in Niagara over the last few years, it seems that some of our TFHS friends from the Ottawa area have been doing the same since 2004/2005. Here are a few images of their December 16th, 2018 lunch.

Actually, our friends from Ottawa were always here with us as significant contributors of our Time Capsule Renovation project as evidenced by the fact that several of their names are engraved onto our TFHS plaque. 

Below, I have included several photos as provided by Jeff Ross. We sincerely hope that we can all get together one day… perhaps as soon as next year as we execute the promotional stage of our efforts.

Long live TFHS!

Linda McDonald and Maureen Fraser
Top Row: Mike Watts, Dan Daley. Bottom Row: Jeff Ross, Linda McDonald.
Top Row: Dan Daley, Rick Lane. Bottom Row: Linda McDonald, Maureen Fraser.
The entire gang!

In his email, Jeff proudly stated that they all have their teeth. I’m happy to say that so do we… but it all goes downhill from there :)!

Merry Christmas to all!